Integrated Recycling System is based on the concept that there is no waste and also a well-known method of "pure" fish farming. Integrated Recycling System uses large plastic tanks that are placed inside a greenhouse and hydroponic beds that are positioned near the plastic tanks. Why it is called "no waste" as the tank water is slowly circulated to the hydroponic and fish feed waste goes to give nutrients to the plant that are grown in the hydroponic beds.

As this system lives in a greenhouse, it adjusts to almost all temperate climates. The major thing to keep in mind is the discharge of water that must be salted to maintain the fishes' electrolyte balance. The major objective of this fish farming system is to increase the productivity of water and associated resources while contributing to increased food fish production.

Decrease in waste outputs from overall farming activities and more environmentally sustainable farming operations both are the major benefits of this system.